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Date of 2016 Notre Dame Celebration Event Announced

     On Thursday, May 19, 2016 the Notre Dame Club of Rockford will conduct its annual Notre Dame Celebrations Event (formerly known as the Universal Notre Dame Night). The event consists of a dinner and a lecture presentation by a representative professor or official from the University of Notre Dame du Lac. Watch this webpage for more details on how to reserve your place for what is sure to be an evening of collegiality.


Club Get-Togethers Announced for April!!


Club President Larry Didier today announced several upcoming events for Members of the Notre Dame Club of Rockford:

     1) Club Members are invited to attend an informal social gathering this Thursday, March 31st (THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE ! ! ! ) between 4:30 and 5 PM at Rural on Tap which is located at 1710 Rural Street in Rockford (Telephone number is 815-877-5411). The event should last until approximately 6:00 PM unless people are having too good of a time to leave! This event is just for the purpose of  "catching up" with each other, and is open to anyone, Club Member or just a fan of the University, who is able to attend. This event is intended to be an opportunity for Club Members, and potential Club Members, as a way to connect with each other.
      2) Club Members are scheduled to volunteer at the Northern Illinois Food Bank on Saturday, April 9th, from 8:45 AM (for an orientation program) until about 12:00 noon People are free to leave earlier than Noon if they need to. Volunteers generally pack boxes with canned items (sometimes other things) to be delivered to local food pantries and other food distribution sites in the area. The Food Bank is located at 765 Research Parkway in Rockford (Telephone number of the Food Bank is 815-639-1257). Club President Didier commented "We had one of our best turnouts ever (16 people) and I'd love to see us approach that again.  Bring a friend!  Anyway, would be a great if you can make it."
     3)  The Club's next Board of Directors' Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM at OSF St. Anthony's Medical Center located at 5666 East State Street in Rockford, Illinois. The Directors will meet in the St. Joseph's or St. Francis Room located on the south side of the first floor. Club Members and potential Club Members are welcome to attend. Watch this space for further information, including a potential agenda for this Meeting.


2015 Rev. Hesburgh Lecture Held at Boylan Catholic High School:

ND Professor Discusses

"Islam, the Catholic Church, and the Future of the World"

    On January 28, 2016, at Boylan High School in Rockford, Notre Dame Professor of Theology Gabriel Said Reynolds discussed relations between Islam the Catholic Church and the future of the World before a crowd of about 65 persons. Earlier that day Proessor Reynolds addressed an audience of 100 or so Boylan students on the same topic. 

     Gabriel Said Reynolds is Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology at Notre Dame.  His research is focused above all on the Qur'an and Muslim-Christian relations.  At Notre Dame Prof. Reynolds teaches classes including “Foundations of Theology,” “Islam and Christian Theology,” “The Quran and Its Relation to the Bible,” “The Holy Land,” and “Islamic Origins.”  He has also been a visiting professor at Université de Saint Joseph in Lebanon and Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium.  Prof. Reynolds has conducted research and delivered lectures in cities throughout the Middle East, including Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut, Damascus, Ankara, and Tehran. In his spare time he follows Notre Dame football, plays soccer, and watches Bollywood movies.  Prof. Reynolds and his wife Lourdes have four children: Luke, Emmanuel, Theresa, and René."

    For more information on Professor Reynolds, including a video of Professor Reynolds discussing his new book, The Emergence of Islam: Classical Traditions in Contemporary Perspective, please click here.


Upcoming Club Events

Date   Event
May 19, 2016  Notre Dame Celebrations Event (formerly known as Universal Notre Dame Night - Dinner and Presentation) at a Location To Be Announced - Guest Speaker To Be Announced
October 23, 2016  Possible date for the Club's Annual Mass and Communion Breakfast Event


Report on April 11th Board of Directors' Meeting


    The Club's Board of Directors met on April 11, 2016 at OSF saint Anthony's Medical Center and discussed the following items:

         (A) Club Treasurer Pete Verdun reported that the Club's email server has been switched from Google Mail (Google accused the Club of being "spammers" because of the number of the emails being transmitted) to the University's email server which resulted in the University compiling and transmitting to the Club a list of a total of 496 Club Members and Potential Members;

         (B) the May 19th Notre Dame Celebration will be held at the Forest Hills Country Club with a Speaker from the University will be Greg Hakanen, the Director of Neighborhood Relations for the University. The Club will issue a Brochure describing the Event which includes both a dinner and the Speaker's presentation concerning the efforts to revitalize the neighborhoods surrounding the University's main campus. Tickets are expected to cost $50.00 each which includes the dinner and the subsidizing of the newly accepted students who are invited by the Club to attend;

         (C) Excellence in Teaching Conference will again be held in October of 2016. There are slots available for two local teachers to attend. The teacher can be from a Catholic or a public school. 

         (D) The Club has a Credit Balance in the Summer Service Learning Program so the Club's participation will be funded for at least the next two years.

         (E) Club President Larry Didier and Director Frank Horvat will be attending the Annual Leadership Conference at the University of Notre Dame on April 14- 16, 2016;

         (F) Five local students have been accepted for admission to the University for the Fall of 2016. (There currently are eight local students enrolled in undergraduate programs at the University).

         (G) The Club raised $1,020 from the February 2016 Flapjack fundraiser at Applebees. Approximately sixty persons came to Applebees and enjoyed the pancakes and other food items. No date has yet been set for the 2017 Flapjack Fundraiser. The Board discussed different methods to increase ticket sales for future Applebees' Flapjack Fundraisers.

         (H) Vice-President Mike Delaney reported on the 2016 Rev. Hesburgh Lecture (the lecture by Prof. Reynolds was counted as the 2015 Rev. Hesburgh Lecture). Boylan requested that the 2016 Lecture be held during the week of September 26, 27 or 28, 2016 which is the week of Boylan's Football Homecoming game, and possibly doing this on an annual basis. The Board reviewed a list of six topics in which Boylan indicated an interest. The Board chose three topics to request the University to assign the listed speaker.

         (I) Club President Larry Didier announced two potential new Directors, Allison Keeney (a graduate of the University) and Dr. Dan McQuillan (Class of 1984). Dan was present at tonight's meeting.

         (J) Club President Larry Didier announced the future dates for Community Projects:

                May 6, 2016, August 12, 2016 and December 2, 2016 for The Carpenter's Place;

                June 4, 2016, August 27, 2016 and November 12, 2016 for the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

         (K) Sarah Marturano, of Palatine, IL, will be the SSLP Student for this Summer working at The Carpenter's Place. Her first day of work will be June 13, 2016 and her last day is August 5, 2016. Housing is needed for that period of time. Please contact Club President Larry Didier for further information about volunteering to provide housing.   

Dates for future quarterly meetings of the Club's Board of Directors (REMEMBER: Any current or prospective member of the Club can attend these Directors' Meetings).